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The kidsworld kindergarten provides lessons in German and English.  The emphasis is on preparing your child academically, socially and emotionally for a smooth transition into the Swiss Cantonal schools or private international schools.


The children spend half the day with the German teacher and the other half with the English teacher.  The academic times in both classes are lesson based along with free choice/centre time.  The children gain independent thinking skills; as well as, cooperative learning opportunities to develop communcation/listening skills and problem solving strategies.




Upon signing the contract the following will apply:

- A one time non-refundable CHF 250.00 registration fee

- A one month fee* (deposit) based on your contract.


Both amounts to be paid in full within 10 days of signing the contract.



If this payment is not received on the due date your kindergarten place will not be guaranteed.


On termination of your contract in adherence to the notice period the one month fee* (deposit without interest) will be applied to your last invoice provided there are no claims asserted against the parents.


If you give notice before the actual start of the contract with work&life zug, the same contractual 3 months notice period applies. The one month fee (deposit) will not be refunded.


If you do not give the contractual 3 months notice (end of July, October, January or April) before the actual start of the contract with work&life zug, then you will owe the first three months of fees. ( Deposit will be credited towards the amount owing).


Parent contributions are calculated on the basis of 20 childcare days per month i.e. a total of 240 childcare days per year. This means that the monthly flat rate takes into account company vacations and public holidays.  Addtional child vacations and any absences for example due to illness cannot be deducted from the montly flat rate. The cancelation period for kindergarten is three months and always on the last day of the following months: July, October, January, or April. 




5%  bei CHF  2760.00 – 3679.00
10% bei CHF  3680.00 – 4599.00
15%  bei CHF  4600.00

If you are late dropping off or picking up your child you will be charged CHF 5.00 per 5 minute increments.

This money needs to be paid in cash and will go to the group or to the person who has to work late due to late pick-up.



Minimum 2 days for first year of Kindergarten.

Minimum 5 half days german class in mandatory Kindergarten (timetable on request).



in CHF




     Company Member


2 days



3 days



4 days



5 days



Additional Days

(Daily Rate)







Cantonal subsidies:

Please note that 50% of cantonal subsidies for children in mandatory kindergarten who live in Zug will be passed on to parents.



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